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New Modern Classic Collection from Mereway Kitchens

Painted Grey Palette

A New Modern Classic Collection from Mereway Kitchens

Mereway Kitchens are celebrating the very essence of being British with an impressive launch of their new English Revival modern classic collection; a range which features unique iconic furniture pieces, distinctive colour palettes and the very finest in quality British craftsmanship.


Selecting your kitchen colours

Featuring a beautiful timber grain, our kitchens are available in Shaker Natural Oak or from a carefully chosen palette of 25 painted finishes.

Be inspired by colour and use to highlight features or working areas, or focus on a single shade to bring the whole kitchen together for a more cohesive feel.

Kitchen colours



English Revival handles

Chose one of more handle designs from our collection to complete your perfect hand finished kitchen.

English Revival handles
English Revival handles


Our Best of British

Following the Jubilee, Royal wedding, Olympics and then the birth of a newheart-shape-british-flag Prince - one thing’s for certain, the world’s gone Britannia barmy.

Feeling just a little more patriotic, there are British flags and emblems popping up all over the place; on the retail products we buy, the food we eat... buying British and supporting local agriculture and manufacturing is more important today than it's been for decades.

As a UK manufacturer, we're proud of what we've achieved and represent. So to celebrate all that's British we're paying tribute to some of our favourite British things - and today its the most famous British inventors who changed our lives to become what they are today. Thnink of any more? If so please share on our Facebook page. 

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