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New burner brings greener future for Mereway Kitchens

New boiler

Mereway Kitchens are all ‘fired up’ for winter as their new boiler – providing greener heating to their 130,000 square foot manufacturing facility, was lit for the first time this week.

Mereway Kitchens are all ‘fired up’ for winter as their new boiler – providing greener heating to their 130,000 square foot manufacturing facility, was lit for the first time this week. The new wood fired burner not only boasts a number of environmental benefits, it’s one of Mereway’s largest capital investments in recent years, demonstrating a commitment to their long term future.

Mereway historically used biomass burners across their various locations to burn manufacturing waste to heat their sites. The decision was made to update this system, so they teamed up with Birmingham City Council and Dutch company Kara Energy Systems to install and commission this state of the art 990KW wood burning plant at an investment of over a quarter of a million pounds.

Mereway are leading the way in the industry as they are the first British furniture manufacturer to install a burner of this type that incorporates the new technology for even more reduced emissions.

The project began 18 months ago when Mereway conducted a strategic review of their green credentials and assessed future plans for the company. Considerations included reducing material waste and improving recycling processes to utilise more environmentally friendly practices in line with future Government Legislation.

The new burner brings huge environmental benefits including Mereways’ CO2 contribution considerably reduced by 80% through lower emissions and the need to send waste for landfill no longer required. This project ensurs not only these factors are secured but has also eliminated the use of purchased fossil fuels.

These factors alone meet the criteria to qualify for the Governments renewable heat incentive from the Department of Energy and Climate Change and their ‘Carbon Plan’, due to be introduced from next year.

An experienced team of personnel managed the installation of the new system, which included Head of Maintenance; Bob Pearsall, Kara Engineer Rob Flierman, Steve Blue Operations Manager and Mereway’s maintenance team; John, Bourne, John Hall and John Hemming.

The burner incorporates a simple ‘corkscrew’ system that constantly feeds waste wood produced from the silo into the burner at a rate of 17 kilos every 5 minutes. The sophisticated computerised system means increased monitoring facilities, remote access and continued observation of the system to ensure its running efficiently at all times. Bob Norris, Mereway Director comments “Projects such as these show our confidence in the long term future of Mereway and we are delighted with the support we’re received from Birmingham City Council and Kara in the ongoing assignment to make our business more environmentally sustainable.” Bob continues “The project took over 12 months to complete due to the complexity of the installation and the sheer scale of the burner, but this introduction has secured a greener future for our business.”

Steve Blue, Operations Manager added “We now fully heat our 130,000 square foot facility and offices using only material waste and emissions are well below all local, national and European required levels. This reflects who we are as a conscientious British, family run business and we hope we’re setting precedence for other manufacturers to follow.”

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