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Live life the Mereway: The Complete Kitchen Collection

A chocolate is just a chocolate, right? A fine quality selection box is a pleasure to behold, a collection of different tastes, each one tempting, so hard to choose but everyone has a favourite. A selection that offers high quality and variety is the philosophy behind the ‘Live Life The Mereway’ branding for Mereway Kitchens’ Complete Kitchen Collection.

Live Life The Mereway

Living Life The Mereway means exercising taste and judgment, but more than that, it means taking the time to make choices that enhance your life. Just as a chocolate lover would savour the experience of choosing their favourite chocolate from the selection box, a typical Mereway Kitchens customer would take the time to select their favourite kitchen on the basis of quality of craftsmanship, inspirational design and exceptional customer experience.

New brand launch

Of course, although the launch of the Mereway Kitchens brand is new in the consumer marketplace, in fact Mereway is proud to have been manufacturing high quality, hand finished kitchens in the UK for the last twenty-five years. According to Sales & Marketing Director Graham Jones, the Mereway Kitchens brand in the consumer marketplace will build on its strong reputation for quality, style and innovation.

“In some senses, until now we have been hiding our light under the proverbial bushel,” he says. “Although we are well known and respected in the trade, it’s time for us to tell our story to a wider audience. We know consumers love our kitchens and believe that it’s time for us to raise awareness of the Mereway Kitchens brand, claim recognition for being British and let everyone know that Mereway means commitment to quality, service and style.”

A Brand ambassador for Complete Kitchen Collection

Each of the Mereway Kitchen ranges have been positioned within the consumer marketplace to appeal to distinct groups – each having a ‘brand ambassador’ that personifies the design characteristics of the collection, as well as sharing the Mereway Kitchen brand values.

The Complete Kitchen Collection is represented by Rupert and Emma Evans of Denstone Hall Farm shop, an award winning farm shop and café beautifully situated on the Staffordshire/Derbyshire border in the village of Denstone.

The family run business is located in an old milking parlour which has been lovingly restored. The shop prides itself on offering a select range of quality local and seasonal produce.

“We have created a series of scenarios for each collection to illustrate the Life Live The Mereway philosophy that underpins our brand,” Graham Jones explains. “ Rupert and his family run a business that offers exceptional customer service and they are always willing to go the extra mile. Like us, they are passionate about what they do and aim to offer a fantastic, memorable customer experience.”

The Complete Kitchen Collection brochure is introduced by Rupert and has been re-designed to illustrate that there is a kitchen within this collection to suit all tastes. Contemporary, classical, easy living or shaker, everyone’s dream kitchen is represented.

The Complete Kitchen Collection. Prices start from around £15,000 for a complete kitchen. Call 0800 028 4466.

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