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New Town & Country Collection Launched

There have always been traditional and contemporary style kitchens but the new launch from Mereway offers the choice of both in one stunning new collection.

Town and Country is all about choice and recognises that everyone is different when it comes to designing their perfect kitchen. The beautifully designed British made kitchens offer a wealth of unique features that can be combined to create individual looks that are at home in both the town and the country.

The dedicated country dweller can choose from an extensive range of doors, available in a variety of restorative or contemporary colours to create a warm and welcoming space. Shown here is the Lincoln kitchen in Natural Oak. Mix with a natural oak mantle, wooden handles and wicker baskets for storage for the ultimate homely kitchen. Open storage units for the walls allows for easy access for the keen cook and makes the perfect place to display all the treasured family dishes.
If however you yearn for a more contemporary take in your country home then this is just as easy to achieve. A traditional painted door with updated shaker styling is available in a wide range of classic colours. The cooking area can be transformed with a minimalist modern mantle, the perfect accompaniment to a sleek and shiny range cooker. Add wide hi-tech electronic bi-fold wall cupboards to the walls and this country kitchen takes on a much more chic and contemporary feel.

This versatile collection also allows you to mix traditional and contemporary elements to create your own eclectic look.

The new brochure for the Town and Country collection features identical twins that love great design and have the same high standards but one is a city girl and the other prefers the countryside. Their own dream kitchens are used to illustrate the versatility and adaptability of the range in both settings and provide a wealth of inspiration whatever your preference.
As with the other Mereway Kitchens collections the new Town & Country collection takes on board the 'Live Life the Mereway' concept with a 'brand Ambassador' that personifies the design characteristics of the collection. BBC Master Chef Live champion, Gareth Kyle represents the collection. He is passionate about food and fuses both traditional and modern ingredients to create fabulous individual dishes.
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