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Make the best out of storage space that sometimes goes unused.

Cantilever Carousel

corner modernThe Ultimate Corner makes the most out of wasted storage space from the back of cupboards. The shelves are adjustable and swing out individually and completely so accessing any stored item couldn’t be simpler.

Features & benefits

  • Eliminates unnecessary lifting, bending or reaching
  • Integrated Soft stop
  • Suitable for both highline and drawerline applications
  • Load capacity of each shelf is 20kg
  • Available to suit 450mm, 500mm and 600mm doors
  • A Reddot Design Award winner

Carousel Corner

Natural Oak Shaker Corner CarouselThe Carousel Corner is innovative and engineered so you have total control over the rotating movement. The doors fold away gently which make kitchen living very practical.

Features & benefits

  • Grey or white anti-slip shelves with chrome wire galleries
  • Revolving folding doors
  • Height adjustable shelves
  • Maximum load capacity: 25kg per shelf

Pull-out storage solutions are a great way to save space and to keep your kitchen organised.

Painted Duck Egg Blue Feature End Base Unit Open
Spice Base Unit
Painted Pantry Cream Pebble Blue Natural Oak Wine Storage
Painted Chalk White Curved Base Unit Open
Painted Chalk White Shaker Swivel Larder Pull Out
Wine Base Unit
Natural Oak Shaker Larder Unit Stainless Steel Vegetable Baskets
Glass Front Base Unit
Painted Pebble Blue Larder Unit

A place for everything and everything in its place.

The English Revival collection has a number of beautifully made storage solutions.

Chalk White Badge On Drawer
Chalk White Spice Drawers
Contemporary Non Slip Matting
Natural Oak Shaker Drawer Management
Drawer Modern01
Drawer Modern02

Chose one of more handle designs from our collection to complete your perfect hand finished kitchen.




Mereway Door Swatches HARROW-1Mereway Door Swatches HARROW-2Mereway Door Swatches HARROW-3Mereway Door Swatches HARROW-4Mereway Door Swatches HARROW-6


Mereway Door Swatches CANTER-1Mereway Door Swatches CANTER-3Mereway Door Swatches CANTER-4Mereway Door Swatches CANTER-5Mereway Door Swatches CANTER-6Mereway Door Swatches CANTER-7Mereway Door Swatches CANTER-8CANTERBURY Pale Pacific


Mereway Door Swatches NEWBURY 1Mereway Door Swatches NEWBURY 2Mereway Door Swatches NEWBURY 3Mereway Door Swatches NEWBURY 4Mereway Door Swatches NEWBURY 5Mereway Door Swatches NEWBURY 6Mereway Door Swatches NEWBURY 7Mereway Door Swatches NEWBURY 8






Mereway Door Swatches ISLING-1Mereway Door Swatches ISLING-2Mereway Door Swatches ISLING-3ISLINGTON Natural OakISLINGTON Tobacco OakISLINGTON Nautic Oak



Mereway Door Swatches CHARN-1Mereway Door Swatches CHARN-2Mereway Door Swatches CHARN-3Mereway Door Swatches CHARN-4Mereway Door Swatches CHARN-5Mereway Door Swatches CHARN-6Mereway Door Swatches CHARN-7Mereway Door Swatches CHARN-8Mereway Door Swatches CHARN-9


Mereway Door Swatches VIRGINIA-1Mereway Door Swatches VIRGINIA-2Mereway Door Swatches VIRGINIA-3Mereway Door Swatches VIRGINIA-4Mereway Door Swatches VIRGINIA-5Mereway Door Swatches VIRGINIA-6Mereway Door Swatches VIRGINIA-7Mereway Door Swatches VIRGINIA-8Mereway Door Swatches VIRGINIA-9


Mereway Door Swatches REDMOND-1


Mereway Door Swatches LINCOLN-1Mereway Door Swatches LINCOLN-2Mereway Door Swatches LINCOLN-3

Bridgwater, Ely and Gainsborough

Mereway Door Swatches ELY-1Mereway Door Swatches ELY-2





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